Natasha Pavlovich is a Serbian-American entrepreneur; an accomplished Hollywood actress, International Beauty Queen, Aviatrix, Future Astronaut, and soon to be published author. She is a descendent of  Grand Duke Pavle Radenović of Bosnia (late 14th Century). She was born  to Serbian parents and spent her early years in  former Yugoslavia before immigrating to America to join relatives in Chicago, Illinois.
     Her childhood interests in acting led to a  move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and television. She was accepted into the prestigious Hollywood Professional School,  and  graduated with honors at age sixteen.  Ms. Pavlovich  earned a Bachelors Degree in English from the University of California, Los Angeles. Simultaneously, she attended twelve years of acting school under the direction of legendary Hollywood acting coach, Sal Dano. 
      While Natasha's beauty earned her international titles, she wasn't always cast in glamorous roles. Hollywood heavyweights took notice of this powerhouse of an actresses  talents, her chameleon like ability to transform into various looks, languages, comedies, and dramas, and speak roles  in Spanish, Romanian, Russian, Czechoslovakian, Serbian, Arabic, and French, in  more than 50 prime time, network television productions. She has worked alongside Academy Аward winning actors, directors, and producers and appeared on hit shows such as: Quantum Leap, Nip/Tuck, J.A.G, Vegas, Judging Amy, Monk, The Son of the Pink Panther movie, and many others. Natasha also had a recurring role  on the popular Serbian television series, Gorki Plodovi, (Bitter Fruit), filmed in Belgrade, Serbia.

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Natasha Pavlovich   Nataša Pavlović   Наташа Павловић                       


Miss Pavlovich is a licensed pilot. In February 2004, Natasha made history as the first Serbian female pilot to reach "the Edge of Space," or 86,000' Co-piloting a MIG-25 out of Russia. Upon reaching such heights, Natasha waved three flags: The Russian flag for hosting the flight, an American flag to pay tribute to the country Natasha was raised in,  and the Serbian flag in honor of her birth country and heritage. 
 Natasha is an original Founder of Virgin Galactic, the commercial space company spearheaded by Sir Richard Branson.
Received Centrifuge Training  Certification at Nastar Facility in Philadelphia


 Miss Beverly Hills -USA 1989
​Miss Photogenic @ Miss Beverly Hills Award
Miss California- USA 1989 Finalist
Miss Yugoslavia 1990
Miss Universe 1991 Finalist
Gillette's Miss Passion Venus Legs - Los Angeles
International Star Search - Spokesmodel Finalist​​
GuyRex Girl 


She played Marina Oswald on Quantum Leap, portrayed a Roma on  JAG (Gypsy Eyes) and spoke English, Russian, and Romani, then  returned to the show JAG (Scimitar) to play an Iraqi Lieutenant speaking English and Arabic. Filmed Son of the Pink Panther movie at Pinewood Studios in England and worked with Academy Award winning actor Roberto Begnini under the direction of Blake Edwards. Had a breakthrough role on TV show Wings playing Anya Volkova, finance to Roy Biggins. On that episode, Natasha's talent was recognised by NBC Studios and also actor Tony Shaloub. Soon after, NBC signed her to a regular role on the show Pride & Joy, which co-starred Jeremy Piven and Craig Bierko.  Tony Shaloub later cast Natasha in Monk. Stars with whom Natasha worked include: Roberto Begnini, Tom Selleck, Scott Bakula, Cybill Shepard, Pam Anderson, Matt Damon, Adam Sandler, Tony Shaloub, Tyne Daly, Jennifer Gardner, John Stamos, Stacy Keach, Jenny McCarthy, George Hamilton, Gary Busey, Jon Cryer,  Delta Burke, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alan Thicke, Bonnie Hunt, Joel Murray, Martin Mull, Yakov Smirnoff, and many more. Fans presented Natasha with a Ziggy Award for best actress on the TV show, Mr. and Mrs. Smith.